My wife and I knew that building our dream home might be the most significant financial decision we ever make, and choosing the builder for that home would be one of, if not the most important part. Out of the thousands of decisions we had to make during the process, I can honestly say that choosing to work with Ryan Miller Builders was the best one.

When our family moved back to Greenville from Chicago, we bought a home that Ryan had built for another client and lived there for 3 years, so I knew the quality was there. It wasn’t until we decided
to work with him, however, that I truly understood why friends who had used him were so enthusiastic about their experience. Ryan, Kenny and the rest of the team continually worked to exceed our

Ryan is very honest, level headed (even when I may not have been), and very transparent with the process making him easy to work with and to trust. While we are beyond pleased that we are finished and get to enjoy this amazing home, I can honestly say that we will miss working with the entire RMB team!

- Josh and Aleta Woods, West Earle Street, Greenville, SC

Building with Ryan Miller Builders: A joy from start to finish!

I chose Ryan to build my new home after looking at two recent builds and meeting him at one of the homes. He was always entirely professional, listened to my requirements, and wrote a contract covering as many specifics as I wanted! 

As I wanted many universal design features, it was very important to me to have the flexibility to fine tune the design with the architect. The entire process was immense fun! It’s so exciting to watch a patch of dirt turn into a wonderful home, and I enjoyed the process with Ryan and Kenny and the entire crew. Walkthroughs were scheduled regularly with reviews of specs and the opportunity to see the vision become reality was a joy!

Building with Ryan was a wonderful process: he is honest, detail oriented, and supremely committed to his craft. 

I feel very fortunate to have a Ryan Miller built home - he is a high quality custom builder with a great team, amazing customer service skills and dedication to building a wonderful home, just the way I wanted it. The only thing better than the building experience itself is living in this great home - I enjoy it more every day!

I doubt I’ll build again due to my age, but I would choose Ryan Miller again in a heartbeat!

- Martha Green, Tupelo Lane, Easley, SC

Our new house is beautiful! Ryan Miller is extremely professional and has a heart for what his clients envision. He builds custom homes and listens to your ideas. He does not push his own design or agenda. He carefully crafts a solidly built home with the beautiful design that you desire. His knowledge of the industry is extensive and his homes are outstanding. Our new home is well designed and constructed.

Ryan has a calm yet organized personality. He is one of the easiest people to work with and his ability to work with our amazing designer, Amy Emery, and our bank, Southern First, made this build of our new home an easy process.

Ryan is great to "think out of the box" should you need to make any changes too. Ryan builds a small number of homes at one time so that each home is given his full attention. Our home was built in the short time frame that he promised without any problems, he kept it in budget and our move in date was right on time.

I can not say enough about what a great job Ryan has done and I am available for a reference at any time. Thank you for making our home perfect!

- Lauren Skelton Siddens, Greenville, SC


As for our experience with Ryan, it has been truly exceptional. We have been impressed with Ryan's knowledge, helpfulness, and responsiveness to our inquiries and requests.  Excellent service with a smile. This has been our first newly constructed house and we are thoroughly enjoying it. 

- Bill Runge, Parkins Pointe Way, Greenville, SC


I feel, in this house, that somebody built it the same way as if building for himself. So many details that show the builder put a lot of thought into it and didn’t try to build cheap. It is built just right. Besides quality, I admire the style. Every little nook tells of Ryan Miller’s good taste. To sum it all up, when I walked into this house, I had the immediate feeling this house was for me and built just as I would have built for myself.

- Markus Gosse, Stall Street, Greenville, SC

I thoroughly enjoyed my building experience with Ryan Miller and would strongly recommend anyone to give him an opportunity to build your home. Ryan provides an excellent team to complete the building process. By letting Ryan Miller build my house, I eliminated a lot of pressure that comes with building a new home. I would once again strongly recommend Ryan Miller and look forward to working with him on my next home.
— Steve Carter Jr., Vice President, S.H. Carter Development Inc
We were fortunate to work with Ryan when deciding to build our home in Greenville SC, while still living up North. Ryan always seemed to be a step or two ahead. He was already ready with an answer, a plan and a solution. Ryan was very involved with the day to day construction of the project and was always able to provide up to date reports along with texts and photos he frequently sent up North.
— Michael Grassi